Registration of the first Nirmithi Kendra at Kollam, Kerala. Formal inauguration of Nirmithi Kendra by H.E. Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India.
1988 The movement goes national. Nirmithi Kendras / Building Centres to be set up in all districts of the country. Inclusion in the National Housing Policy.
1989 Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra to be the nodal agency to co-ordinate the Nirmithi activities in the state. Government of India decides to waive sales tax for cost effective materials, building tax for CEEF buildings and State Government to assign 20% of public works to Nirmithi
1992 Nirmithi National Institute of Habitat Management set up as a Centre for Excellence in the habitat sector.
1993 UNCHS adopts a resolution recommending Governments to set up institutions on the model of Building Centres at the national, provincial and local grass root levels - Resolution No.14/16 para 20 of the 14th session of the Commission held at Nairobi, Kenya.
1994 Evaluation by the Department of Administrative Reforms, Government of India finds that cost saving by adoption of this technology ranges from 30-50%.
Setting up of Production Centres for Regional Office for propagating CEEF building materials and technology.
1995 Nirmithi earthquake resistant design used to construct colony for survivors of quake hit Lathur, Maharashtra.
1996 Nirmithi shortlisted in the " Best Practices 100 List" (GBP 100) by the UN for deserving initiative in the field of housing and habitat.
2000 HUDCO recognizes KESNIK as its Regional Training Centre.
2001 SDC identifies KESNIK as its partner in the BMP India.
2002 KESNIK enters in the field of Rural Housing - 'KESNIK SDC RHP. School Buildings under Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation Project.
2003 KFW - HUDCO joints hands with KESNIK to strengthen the activities of Building Centres.
KESNIK is identified by Government of Kerala as a nodal agency for implementing Rain Water Harvesting in Kerala. State Rain Centre is also sanctioned to KESNIK.
Co-ordination with Capacity Development for Decentralisation in Kerala (CapDeck) and Kerala Institute for Local Administration .
KESNIK is identified by Oxfam an International NGO to associate in implementing the rehabilitation works for Tsunami victims in Kerala shore.

KESNIK takes the lead role in organizing the National Seminar on Decentralization and Rural Habitat which is scheduled as part of the Rural Housing Programme in Kerala aided by Government of Kerala and Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation.

KESNIK was entrusted with the construction of 2500 houses for the beneficiaries under Scheduled Cast Development Scheme.

The training wing of KESNIK named after Late Padmasree Dr. Laurie Baker as “Lauries Baker” Nirmithi Training and Research Institute.


Launchied three Kalavara Nirmithi fair price shops for building materials. at Regional Nirmithi Kendra, Kalamassery, Ernakulam. Regional Nirmithi Kendra Kozhkode & Regional Nirmithi Kendra Vattiyoorcavu

The construction of 2557 houses for the ST’s being rehabilitated at Aralam farm entrusted to KESNIK.

SC department entrusted the conduct of several job oriented trainings for SC unemployed youths to kESNIK


Started Kalavara Sand Depot a joint venture of KESNIK & Forest Department at Kulathoopuzha .

2010 Launching of LaBISHaS (Laurie Baker International School of Habitat Studies) at Vazhamuttom , Thiruvallom, Thiruvananthapuram under KESNIK.
2011 Construction of demo Mud House at Nirmithi Campus PTP Nagar.
2012 Launching of heritage zone in KESNIK Campus at PTP Nagar
Construction of Arayum Purayaum.
2013 Setting up of more Testing labs and Kalavaras at Regional Centres across the State
2014 Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra enter its silver jubilee on 29 April.


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